RS3 (formerly RS3) is designed for 3D analysis of geotechnical structures for civil and mining applications. Applicable for both rock and soil, RS3 is a general-purpose finite element analysis program for underground excavations, tunnel and support design, surface excavation, foundation design, embankments, consolidation, groundwater seepage and more. The newest features in RS3 include dynamic analysis and automatic shear strength reduction.

Three-dimensional model geometry is built with CAD tools or by importing 3D files such as DXFs.

RS3 offers complete flexibility for staging of excavations, support installation, loading and all other modeling aspects. Models with up to several hundred different stages can be analyzed with RS3.

After the analysis is computed, RS3 offers numerous options for viewing and displaying results in 2D and 3D (e.g. displacements, pore water pressure, stresses, strains, flow vectors). You can contour results on excavation surfaces or user-defined viewing planes, plot results along any lines, plot detailed support forces and displacements, and plot differential results between stages. Results and images can be exported and customized for presentations and reports.


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